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2016-2019, live performance, stereo sound system, 1:20 min

The harmony of the piece Vere Languores Nostros (A. Lotti 1667-1740) is created when the three melodic lines are sung at the same time, through the tripartite presence of the artist.
The decomposition of the musical structure and that of the identity, reveal the connection between virtual recording and live voice, media image and physical body.

Vere, 2019, live performance, detail

Vere, 2019, live performance

A previous version of the performance was focused on the succession of images that make progress one after the other, from the screen facing the audience.
The first voice comes out of the monitor, the second one from the projection that incorporates the previous screen and the third is live, thus moving from a bi-dimension to assume tangible static nature.
The frames have been constructed one after the other and the complete each other only when the performance takes place.

Vere, 2016, live performance at Fondazione Pini, Milan, Italy



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